Venus 1500: Home Tab

Home Tab

This tutorial gives you a brief walkthrough of the Venus® 1500 version 4 Home Tab, a dashboard of what is happening on the message display for a quick reference of your system.

Video Transcript

In this episode, we're going to look at the Venus 1500 version 4 Home tab and the different items you can expect to find there. The Home tab gives you a snapshot of what playlists are scheduled, running and stored presentations, display status and more. In the drop-down list at the top, go ahead and select your display. If only one display is configured, it will automatically be selected.

Once the display is selected, the software begins getting status from the display. This simply means the software is attempting to talk with the display and find out what its current state is. Venus 1500 will attempt to get status about every 30 seconds when Online is selected in the lower right. You can disable this by setting this option to Offline. If you have Venus 1500 set to Offline but would like to retrieve status, click the green Refresh button at the top. Once the display status has been retrieved, you'll see the information retrieved in the display status window to the left.

One of the important items to pay attention to in the display status field is the memory bar at the top. This shows you the used and available memory of your display. In addition to the display status, the Home tab shows you what playlists are scheduled on the display. The running presentations box shows you the content that is currently playing on your display, while the stored presentations box shows presentations that are scheduled, but not currently playing.

The alerts box in the lower right provides you some basic information regarding any communication issues with the display. Some alerts are hyperlinks that can be clicked to open a troubleshooting wizard. Others simply give you a basic alert message. Visit to see a list of additional training options and video tutorials.