Venus 1500: Help File

How Do I Access the Venus 1500 Help File?

This tutorial covers how to access and navigate the Venus® 1500 version 4 Help File, a great tool to answer questions you may have about the message control software.

Video Transcript

Venus 1500 is a powerful software used to create dynamic content for your Daktronics display. We realize that at some point, you might have a question on how to perform a particular task. So for your convenience we've included a software help file, or manual, that you can use to help guide you through those situations. In this episode, we're going to look at how to access and use the Venus 1500 help file.

To access the Venus 1500 help file, click on the application button in the top left, highlight Help and select Contents. Another option is to click the question mark icon located in the upper right of each page. This will open up the help file directly to the topic related to the page you are currently on. The Venus 1500 manual is the same as the help file, so if you prefer a printed copy, click on Printer Friendly Version on the left. This will open up a PDF copy of the manual that you can easily print and refer to. One nice thing about using the embedded help file is taking advantage of the hyperlinks. These allow you to quickly navigate the help file and quickly find the answer that you're looking for.