Venus 1500: Choosing Scheduling Mode

How Do I Switch to Scheduled or Continuous Playlist Modes?

This tutorial reviews how to choose the scheduling mode that best fits your needs. Venus® 1500 digital display software provides two scheduling options. For simple scheduling, use the Continuous Playlist Mode. To use multiple playlists and additional features to accommodate your needs, choose advanced scheduling.

Video Transcript

In this episode we're going to look at the difference between scheduled and continuous playlist modes. I'll also show you how to switch from one to the other. When Venus 1500 is first installed, it is set to continuous playlist mode by default. Continuous playlist mode allows users to quickly select and publish presentations that they would like playing on their display. When a message is sent to the display, it will continue to play until it's removed.

Scheduled playlist mode allows users to create different presentations that can be scheduled to play at a specific time or day of the week. This allows you the opportunity to create and publish a schedule, and the display will take care of starting and stopping the content at the appropriate time. To switch Venus 1500 from continuous playlist mode to scheduled playlist mode or vice versa, click the application button in the top left then click Venus 1500 options. When the Venus 1500 options window opens, click on scheduling on the left. You can now select the mode that you wish to publish content on. Once you've made your selection, click OK, you'll get a little warning and just go ahead and click Yes. To learn more about publishing in either one of these modes, watch the training videos we have at