Daktronics Creative Services

Daktronics Creative Services is equipped to offer you a variety of services to fit your content needs. Whether you're in need of an animation for your commercial display, content in HD video, or something to fit with your school’s branding, Daktronics Creative Services can provide you with a solution.  

Collegiate, Professional & Sponsorship Services

Customized display content and animations provided for major league, minor league, college level and sports sponsorships:

  • Team open video animations
  • Customized in-game content for video and ribbon boards
  • Player headshots and statistics layouts
  • Sponsor recognition spots

Commercial Spectacular Services

Specialized solutions for promotional branding in commercial, advertising and gaming:

  • National and international advertising campaigns
  • Branding spots for high-end retail locations, gaming establishments, high traffic tourist areas, etc., shown in places like Times Square, Las Vegas Strip, Macau, etc.
  • Content for promotional events
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Commercial Services

Types of content packages offered for commercial, advertising and worship applications:

  • Free Extended Media Kit for Galaxy® displays
  • Provides catalog and custom content
  • Professional design of content primarily for commercial applications
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Commercial Creative Services


Schools K-12 Creative Services

Schools K-12 Services

Variety of content options for schools K-12 and civic and convention centers:

  • Specific sport animation packages
  • Team mascot and school logo animations
  • Athlete headshots and player statistics
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Purchase effective, ready-to-go content packages.

Daktronics offers professionally pre-created content pieces to view and purchase from our easy-to-use online store. Created by our professional creative services team, available content packages include school, retail, sport, and seasonal animation packages to put together an engaging viewer experience. Just shop, click, download, and use.



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