Venus 1500 for Basic Use

Running Your Display with Venus 1500 - Basic Use

In as few as three steps, you can create and schedule a message.

Create Message Icon

Create a Message

Step 1: Choose a background from the Media Kit.

Step 2: Double-click the mouse and type in your message.

Run Message Icon

Run a Message

Step 3: Pick the messages you want to play from your folder and click the "Publish" button to send them to your display.

Your messages will run on your display 24/7 until you decide to do something new.

See for Yourself

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Interested in smarter, faster content creation?

Take a look at our new Venus® 1500 software blog. Get pointers about color and font choices and information on learning tools and training options.

Venus 1500 Blog
Venus 1500 Blog

Looking for Venus 1500 Assistance?

We have support help from multiple short video tutorials to training options to answer your questions.

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