LED Sign Upgrade Rebate Program

If you replace your existing LED sign, you may be eligible for a rebate of up to $3000 US for purchasing a Daktronics display from your preferred sign retailer. Learn about the requirements and application process.

Rules & Guidelines

  1. Rebate is based on display size. Display sizes are calculated by physical cabinet dimensions (usually feet and inches) or by matrix size (usually expressed in pixels or rows and columns).
    • When working with your sign company to find the right display for your project, be sure to ask what the pixel matrix size of the display is.
    • Matrix size example: 60x125
    • 2V (2 display face) rebate entries 3200 -11000 total pixels per display face = $1000 US rebate.
    • 2V (2 display face) rebate entries 11000+ pixels per display face = $1500 US rebate
    • To find your total pixel count, use the matrix size of your sign and plug it in to this calculator:

      Pixels High:

      Pixels Wide:

      Total Pixels

  2. To qualify, the displays must be:
  3. Single face displays may be submitted as a single face rebate entry and receive half the qualifying rebate amount per display face
  4. Orders must be placed with Daktronics between October 5, 2020 - January 30, 2021
  5. Rebate claims must be submitted within 90 days from date of shipment from Daktronics
  6. Once your sign company has placed the display order with Daktronics, ask your sign company for the Daktronics order number to complete the rebate form.
  7. To submit your rebate, you will need:
    • Daktronics order number
    • Total pixel count for new LED sign
    • For US-based companies, your W-9 to get a check cut for you: get the W-9 form here. Check will be written to business/name listed on the W-9 form.

  8. Individual submitting the rebate must be the user and end purchaser of the display

View this document for full terms and conditions

Need further explanation?

Most sign purchases are 2V (two display faces, usually back to back). To calculate your rebate eligibility, take the matrix dimensions of one face (60x125 in our example) and multiply them. 60 x 125 = 7500. This would qualify you for the $1000 US rebate.

Submit Your Display Rebate