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GS6 Series 26.4 mm Full-Color Message Displays

Outdoor Full-Color Galaxy® LED Signs

Choose this option for effective graphics and readable text messages. Your full-color messages will attract passersby because of this model's pixel spacing and high-contrast design. The cloud-based control software provides the most effortless user experience to date.

Highest Image Quality

  • Exceptional, eye-catching brightness
  • Highest contrast in the industry
  • Excellent color blending even up close

Ensure Display Performance

  • Signal redundancy minimizes message disruption
  • Sealed components prevent corrosion

Lifetime Cellular Communication

  • Secure data transfer through virtual private network (VPN)
  • Transfer content quicker with 4G data speed


Line-and-Column Spacing: 26.4mm
Character Height:

7.3" (7 pixel font)

Pixel Configuration: 1 red, 1 green, 1 blue
Maximum Brightness: 10,000 nits
Lifetime (.5 brightness): 100,000+ hours
Color Capability: 281 trillion colors
Horizontal Viewing Angle: 140 degrees
Vertical Viewing Angle: 70 degrees
Horizontal Readability Angle: 160 degrees
Vertical Readability Angle: 90 degrees
Minimum Viewing Distance: 59'
Contrast Enhancement: Non-reflective black louvers and module face grooves disperse light
Cabinet Configuration:
Graphic Capability: Text, graphics, logos, basic animation, video clips, multiple font styles, and sizes
Control Software: Venus Control Suite
Service Access:
Power: 120/240 VAC single phase
Display Dimming: 64 levels (automatic, scheduled or manual control)
Operating Temperature:

​-40°F to 120°F with 99% RH non-condensing

Compliance Information: UL and cUL Listed, UL-Energy Verified, FCC compliance
Warranty Coverage: 5 Years



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What display size will fit your physical space?

After calculating the physical space you want to fill, use this chart to determine the corresponding display size. Additional sizes are available as a special order. For square footage, refer to the spec sheet.

Display Size Chart

Display Configuration

Single-Face (SF)

A single, one-sided display. Use two, single-face displays to show unique content on each side.

Two-View (2V)

Two, one-sided displays typically installed back-to-back and show same content on both sides.

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GS6 Series 26.4 mm Full-Color Message Displays