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This class is a great opportunity because not many other schools get to do this.Orfanel Aguirre Student Camera OperatorCrater High School
Postseason, we began our own certification of each position. Students get certified on 'Buttons' and train with cameras. Mike RoganTeacherCrater High School
We learn how to do jobs that can help us in college and spark interest in a field unknown to many of us in high school. Tarisha Goosmann Student Camera OperatorCrater High School
We develop teamwork and critical thinking skills, learn to withstand pressure and have plenty of fun doing it.William Muraviov Student Camera OperatorCrater High School
We look at product reviews and break our film crews down into teams to test, film and produce reviews of toys.Mike RoganTeacherCrater High School

Crater High School in Oregon puts their display to good use with students manning the show. Teacher Mike Rogan shared his thoughts about how this experience opens possibilities
for his students.

"A few graduates help out on game days and train underclassmen," Rogan said. "It's great to see them return and share their experiences. They'll talk about how colleges use the exact same equipment, and this is a career path these kids can follow. The kids themselves realize this is a marketable skill, which I love. It doesn't get better than that."​

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