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Go Big or Go Home: Crosby Installs Fourth Daktronics Display

​​Crosby Independent School District, Texas, United States

Just outside Houston, Crosby Independent School District continues to grow. In recent years, Crosby has seen a new school building and is now home to four new digital displays for their basketball/volleyball court, baseball/softball and football/soccer fields.

"Our facilities were already top notch, but the addition of the video boards has taken the spectator experience to a whole new level. I've had nothing but positive remarks from the community," said Dr. Moore, Crosby ISD Superintendent. "The addition of video boards of this quality have made our facilities one of a kind."

While facilities go through upgrades from time to time to stay current, it's not as common to upgrade several displays at once, especially a video display for softball in the southern region. It's part of the "go big or go home" mentality in Texas.

Jareel Combest, Daktronics South Central Sales Representative, explained, "Crosby purchased their football display first, and it went very well. They were pleased with the product and soon after let us know they wanted to order additional equipment. They were ready to go bigger, and Daktronics was ready to help them expand."

An added bonus? According to Dr. Moore, Crosby ISD students "run all of our cameras and video production equipment, and we began paying them for their work. This generated even more enthusiasm for our audio/video program, which we believe will result in additional course requests for CTE courses. As a result, we are adding a second A/V teacher for the next school year."

Increasing education, job opportunities and serving the community. What are you waiting for?​

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