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Clear Channel Spectacolor Channel Spectacolor
Clear Channel Spectacolor Channel Spectacolor



​Clear Channel Spectacolor needed a unique video advertising solution for its location at 1500 Broadway in Times Square. The various viewing angles, high pedestrian traffic, and competition from Times Square’s unforgiving advertising environment all combined to create a challenging yet rewarding obstacle to overcome. Each of these factors needed to be addressed in the display’s design to ensure it would create impact for years.

To meet expectations, Daktronics manufactured a 36-feet high by 84-feet wide LED spectacular that now stands on the corner of 43rd and Broadway. Audiences below the display receive a commanding viewing experience because of Daktronics proprietary City-View louvers. The louvers are pitched at a downward angle – better directing light toward the pedestrians viewing below. In addition to better viewing, the louvers increase the darkness of the display face which improve its overall contrast. This feature plays a major factor when the display has to compete with direct sunlight.

1500 Broadway’s world renowned location produces one of the best Times Square hot spots for interactive marketing campaigns. When Spectacolor rolled out the display in December of 2014, Revlon contracted to be the billboard’s exclusive advertiser. The retailer quickly named the video billboard it’s “Global Love Beacon.” For months, the display interacted and entertained Times Square audiences via a jumbo “kiss cam.”

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