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Customers are extremely impressed with the image quality. We even had one client think the display was a static image until it changed!Chad HarrisDirector of OperationsLas Vegas Billboards
Daktronics boards are known for their quality and for built-in diagnostics. We knew we could reduce our outages and service time as well as get a better value. Daktronics was the best way for us to go.Chad HarrisLas Vegas Billboards
Daktronics' Visiconn® software allows us to meet our customers' day parting and weekly scheduling needs, as well as provide the reporting that they expect.Chad HarrisLas Vegas Billboards
We have the cleanest, sharpest displays in Las Vegas. Customers are extremely impressed with the image quality. We even had one client think the display was a static image until it changed!Chad HarrisLas Vegas Billboards

Five years ago, Las Vegas Billboards in Las Vegas, Nevada, decided to convert their static billboards to digital. "We saw a trend of prime billboard locations in Las Vegas going digital," said Chad Harris, Director of Operations at Las Vegas Billboards. "Digital gives a lot of flexibility to both the operator and the advertiser."

After four years with their first digital displays and adding more along the way, Las Vegas Billboards wanted to replace the boards with one supplier that would enhance the technology value with diagnostic tools and reduce the costs of service.

"We were spending a lot of time on failing modules," said Jim Wilkins, Field Operations Manager at Vision Sign, the company that installed some and services all of Las Vegas Billboards' digital displays. "We were getting to a point where one of our techs was working almost full time just keeping a few displays running."

Las Vegas Billboards knew they needed a better solution. "It was time for us to replace some of our display faces and we began looking at our options," said Harris.

This time around, Vision Sign had a smooth installation with Daktronics' assistance. "The display was in place in about three hours and fully operational within the day," said Wilkins. "You don't have the kind of service with other companies that you get from Daktronics."

The Daktronics control software and monitoring systems provide multiple benefits to Las Vegas Billboards.

Harris also likes the webcam view offered as part of Daktronics' NOC monitoring service. "We can log in to see any of our displays at any time. It is not only great for diagnostics, but it's something we can show perspective advertisers."

After a few weeks, Las Vegas Billboards is more than satisfied with their ten new Daktronics displays.

Overall, the Daktronics experience has proven to be a valuable change. "From the quality of the product to their customer service, Daktronics brings a competitive package," said Harris. "If all goes well, we hope to convert more of our static billboards to Daktronics digital billboards in the future."

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