Daktronics Factory Trained Logo

After attendees complete a Daktronics technical training seminar, we give them a Daktronics Factory Trained logo for their exclusive use. Share the logo with your marketing people or agency. This is a great opportunity to associate your company with Daktronics reputation for quality products and service.

The logo belongs to your company to use as long as you like. But since each logo is dated, technicians from your sign company will need to complete additional Daktronics training opportunities to receive a new logo.

Daktronics reserves the right to change qualification guidelines at any time for Factory Trained logo use. The usage guidelines are below.

Use Appropriate Logo

  • Always use the blue logo if possible
  • If there isn't enough contrast between the blue logo and background, use the white logo


Factory Trained Logo, blue 


Factory Trained Logo, White 


Use Sufficient Logo Size

Our logo must be legible at all time

The smallest the logo may be produced is 1 inch wide in high resolution communications or 100 pixels wide in electronic communication.

Factory Trained Logo Size Requirements 



Proper Spacing around the logo 


Proper Spacing Around the Logo

Maintain clear space, equal to the height of the stylized "D" icon, around our logo.

  • No other objects should appear inside the shaded area.
  • The logo can appear on top of background images or textures as long as the contrast is high enough.

Examples of Incorrect Usage

Do not alter the logo in any way, including changing the color, rotating, duplicating, animating or combining the graphic with any other graphics, without written consent from Daktronics.

Do not use on busy backgrounds 


Do not change the color of the logo 


Do not stretch the logo 


Do not combine additional text with the logo 


Examples of Correct Usage

Examples for logo use include, but are not limited to, your company's website, business cards, and any other marketing/promotional materials. Remember:

  • If you use the "Factory Trained" logo on your website, hyperlink it to www.daktronics.com
  • Make your company's name and logo more prominent in size and visual weight than the Daktronics "Factory Trained" logo.

Use your logo on  your website 


Correct usage on a business card 


Download the Logo

Terms of use: This logo is provided as recognition that your company received technical training on Daktronics standard products from a Daktronics trainer. It does not imply certification of your company by Daktronics, nor does it imply your company's ability to install and maintain Daktronics custom products. Marketing materials created by your company need to reflect these terms. Daktronics reserves the right to change qualification guidelines at any time for Factory Trained logo use.

Alternative White Logo

We prefer you always try to use the primary blue logo, but in the event greater contrast is needed between the logo and background the alternative white version may be used.