Welcome to the new Venus Control Suite Scheduling App!

Find out the benefits of our brand new Scheduling App within Venus Control Suite!

Andrew Conger on 3/17/2022

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Venus Control Suite is only getting better! With the newest update, you’ll notice a new way of scheduling your content. This new change comes in the form of the Scheduling App which will allow for ease of use with scheduling all of your content. As you are transitioned over to the new Scheduling App, you may be wondering how this scheduling experience differs from your previous. The Scheduling App will simplify scheduling to multiple displays and make adjusting playlist properties a breeze. Let’s dive into the new Scheduling App and show you what it can do.  

Just like how the Web Editor that we introduced in the last year exists within the new App section of Venus Control Suite, the Scheduling App is also located here. To access the Scheduling App, simply click the nine boxes in the top right corner and select “Scheduling”. The App will open in a new tab. This ensures that you’ll easily be able to find it within your browser and keep it separate from the main Venus Control Suite page.


Below you can see the similarities and differences between the new Scheduling App and our old Playlist feature. Both features are laid out the same way but the Scheduling App provides that sleek, clean look… Along with some great new functionality, such as exclusive overrides and a new way to select displays.  

Playlist Properties (in red)

Displays (in green)

Media Files (in purple)



This new way of Scheduling allows you to create Exclusive playlists on your display. This will allow you to show those higher priority playlists on the display. These playlist can also be recurring, so for those of you that have Taco Tuesday every week, these exclusive playlists are calling your name! Take a look here for details on setting this up:

Venus Scheduling: How do I use an exclusive playlist?

You’ll still have the ability to create an override playlist for those events of emergency. If you need a refresher on those, find the details here:

Venus Scheduling: How do I create a playlist override in Venus Control Suite?

For a full walk through of this exciting improvement, please check out the video linked at the top of the article. This video will provide you with a step-by-step tutorial on opening, using, and modifying playlists within the new Scheduling App. 


We also have an article explaining the app as well!  

Venus Scheduling: How do I schedule content in Venus Control Suite?

We hope you enjoy your new scheduling experience with Venus Control Suite and Daktronics! Keep in mind if you don’t see the Scheduling App quite yet it won’t be too long before you too will be able to use this great new feature!

Keep checking our blog for more posts on brand new features in Venus Control Suite. You may even be the first to know before a feature is released!

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