Declutter your way to Success!

Keeping your Venus Control Suite account organized and decluttered is key to your operational success. In this blog, we provide you with tips and tricks to keep your Venus Control Suite account organized and functional!


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When is the last time you reviewed your Venus Control Suite account to remove old, outdated, or unused content and playlists? Venus Control Suite provides several ways to organize and find your assets, but it’s also a good practice to clean out un-used and outdated content. Clutter equals confusion and decreases your efficiency and ease of use, so we are here to offer some helpful tips and tricks to guarantee your decluttering and organization process is effective!

Follow along with these steps to ensure your Venus Control Suite account is set up for success!

  1. Log into your Venus Control Suite account and navigate to the Media Library.
  1. Now, scroll through all the content in your Media Library to get an idea of what can be deleted. Utilize the filters section to organize content “Oldest First” so you don’t have to scroll all the way to the bottom of the Media Library to find your oldest content. After looking through your Media Library, select all the content you no longer need and delete it.

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  1. CONGRATS! You now have a decluttered Media Library, but there is still more that you can do to increase organization. You can organize content by using tags to group similar content together. This makes finding content easier in the future. You can now use the tags to narrow down your search.
  1. Now that you have updated the Media Library, let’s look at the Playlists to see what we can delete. Some playlists are worth keeping because you can update their Playlist Properties and use them over and over for years. But there are other playlists, such as those for one-time special events, that can be deleted from your account. Go ahead and delete out all the playlists that you know you’ll never need in the future. Just as you filtered the Media Library, you can filter your playlists “Oldest First.” I also suggest selecting “Expired” to narrow the search criteria.

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  1. It is important to make sure that you have the correct content scheduled to your display. Navigate to the Venus Control Suite menu and click on Tools. Once in the tools section, click on “Scheduled Content” and select your display. This shows you the content that is actively playing to the display. If the content looks correct, then you are done, and your Venus Control Suite account is organized! However, if you see outdated content then let’s go back into each of your active playlists and update them to remove outdated media files.

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Note for Pro Ad Grid VCS Users: We highly suggest that you review your account to ensure that your sales and playlists have the same end date.

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Keeping your Venus Control Suite account organized only benefits you and ensures you are set up for success. Now that you have your account organized, challenge yourself to continually think about keeping your account clean. By using the tips and tricks discussed here, it will take you a matter of seconds to review your account on a regular basis.

We hope that this was helpful and that you enjoy your newly organized Venus Control Suite account!