How to turn on the In-Venue Feed for LiveStats for NCAA Volleyball?


  • How to turn on the In-Venue Feed for LiveStats for NCAA Volleyball?


  • Product Family: Sport Software and Controllers
  • Product: DSTI - Daktronics Scoring and Timing Interface for Volleyball
  • Component: COM file
  • Control System: NCAA Volleyball, NCAA LiveStats for Volleyball (NLS for Volleyball), Genius Sports

When NCAA LiveStats for Volleyball is launched you must turn on the TV Feed before each match.


  1. In LiveStats for NCAA Volleyball, select SettingsIn-Venue Feed.
  2. The port here should match the IAU tool and be set to 7677
  3. Select Start TV Feed to start sending the feed. This will deliver data to the NCAA LiveStats In-Arena Utility or IAU tool.
    VB comfile 3.png
  4. Then in the IAU tool, also press start to start outputting the file to DSTI.

  5. If the file is outputting correctly you should see your connection is running like the image below.
    Note: Multiple connections can be configured, so you may see more than one.VB comfile 4.png

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