How do I install DSTI for the LiveStats for NCAA Volleyball COM file?



  • Product Family: Sport Software and Controllers
  • Product: DSTI - Daktronics Scoring and Timing Interface for Volleyball
  • Component: COM file
  • Control System: NCAA Volleyball, NCAA LiveStats for Volleyball (NLS for Volleyball), Genius Sports

LiveStats outputs a comfile to a specific location (shared folder) that will be mapped to the DSTI computer.

LiveStats setup with COM file DSTI configuration

  1. Log in to the DSTI computer and update to the latest version.  How do I update my DSTI?

  2. Add the new .dsi file to the DSTI configuration. 
    1. Close down DSTI.
    2. Obtain the .dsi from the Regional Application Engineer.
    3. Upload the .dsi file. Where is the .DSI file located in DSTI and how do I install it?
  3. Open DSTI, click view configuration and verify the location it is expecting to read the file from. This example shows C:\Volleyball\
    VB comfile 1.jpg
  4. Verify LiveStats 
    1. With LiveStats and the NCAA LiveStats In-Arena Utility or IAU tool up and running, navigate to this folder location and verify if LiveStats is currently writing a COM file to the location. The file should be named 
    2. If a COM file is available, check to see if DSTI is reading the file by selecting View Data in DSTI. If data is present, verify that stats can be sent to the display by playing stat related content.
  5. If the file is NOT appearing in the specified folder or it is not named correctly, follow: How to verify LiveStats IAU settings for NCAA Volleyball communication?
  6. Turn on the In-Venue Feed
    1. When LiveStats Volleyball is launched you must turn on the TV Feed before each match. See: How to turn on the In-Venue Feed for LiveStats for NCAA Volleyball?
  7. At this point, the IAU tool should be writing a file to the specified location for DSTI to read. If the file is still not writing to the proper location, escalate to the Regional Applications Engineer. 

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