How do I create audio level offsets in a Display Studio button?


  • How do I create audio level offsets in a Display Studio button?
  • How do I adjust the volume level of a file within a Display Studio button?  


  • Product Family: Software; Control System
  • Product: 
  • Components: Display Studio, Show Control version 2.15, DMP-8000, Live-Clips
  • Control System: Show Control System (SCS)

With this option, you are able to adjust the volume amplitude of a file, so it can play louder or softer than the original.


For a script button, create a new or edit a script line. For details, see: How to Create Scripting Containers and Buttons
  1. DMP-8000 Player Control.
  2. Choose the zone.
  3. Choose command type (usually Play or Create Playlist)
  4. Navigate to your file  (mov, avi, MP4 etc.)
  5. (Step 4) Click on the speaker audio icon.

For a quick display button, create new button or right click on an existing button to edit. For details, see: How do I create and edit a Quick Display button in Display Studio?

  1. Add an animated file with audio (mov, avi, MP4 etc.)
  2. Click on the speaker audio icon.
  3. Select the file to edit.  

Once under the audio icon:

  1. Use the slide tool to offset the audio volume settings.
  2. Save button when all changes are complete.
    audio offset.jpg

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