How do I upload content into the media library for Venus Control Suite?


  • How do I upload content into the Venus Control Suite Media Library?
  • How do I upload content in to the Media Library in Venus?
  • How do I tag content while uploading into the Media Library in Venus?
  • How do I upload content into Venus?


  • Product Family: Control System
  • Product: Venus Control Suite Daktronics Hosted, Venus Control Suite Local Hosted
  • Component: Venus Pro Ad Grid, Venus Pro Playlist, Venus Prime
  • Control System: Venus Control Suite


Media files must be uploaded into Venus Control Suite before they can be added to a playlist. The Venus Control Suite uploader allows users to upload multiple files at once as well as associating each piece of content with tags or accounts.

A group of files, uploaded at the same time, will likely have commonalities that can be expressed by one or more tags. When uploading multiple files, all are selected by default allowing users to apply one tag. A user can still add a tag to individual files using the Tag Selected Items button in the Media Library.

  1. Log in to Venus Control Suite.
  2. Select the Media tab from the Main Menu.
  3. Choose from the following options to upload Media:
    • Dragging and dropping media files directly into the Media Library.
    • Selecting the blue Add New button and Dragging and dropping media files into the Upload window.
    • Browsing for files saved on the users computer by clicking "click here to upload" in the Upload window.
  4. Once files are in the upload list, wait for a green checkmark to ensure a successful upload and then click Next.
  5. Ad Grid users need to associate the content with an advertiser account by clicking on the Advertiser drop down.
  6. Enter in a new tag by typing it in the "Add new tag" field and clicking the plus sign or click on an existing tag from the list below to highlight it blue.  After entering in a new tag or choosing from an existing tag click Done.
  7. To tag individual items, place a check mark next to the file you wish to tag in the Media Library and click the Tag Selected Items Button.  Type in a new tag and click + to add the tag. To add an existing tag, click on the desired tag button. When tag(s) are applied, click Close.

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