How do I reboot, reset, or power cycle a SmartLink device locally?


  • How do I reboot, reset, or power cycle a SmartLink device locally?


  • DB-4200
  • DB-5000
  • DB-6000
  • DXB-0100
  • SmartLink


On Site Troubleshooting 

  1. Open the door for the SmartLink so that the tech is able to see the lights on the SmartLink device, and also open the door for the power entrance box.
    • The power entrance box will be located directly below the SmartLink.
  2. In the power entrance box turn off breaker labeled CB3
  3. Wait for the SmartLink to completely discharge, the generally takes at least 3 minutes and will be evident by all the lights on the SmartLink going out.
    • CB3 also powers the control equipment so the DMP-8065, ISP Box, and display will be powered down as well.
  4. Once the light on the SmartLink are out for at least 30 sec, turn back on breaker CB3 and allow the SmartLink to power on and connect to the cell network, this can take about a minute to connect.
  5. Log into the SmartLink page and navigate to the needed unit
  6. In the SmartLink webpage under "Action" dropdown select the "request status" and then click on "submit" Allow the Communication Status to update.

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