How to install or uninstall widgets or plugins in Display Studio


  • How do I install a missing widget/plugin in Display Studio or uninstall if not needed?


  • Product Family: Control System; Software
  • Product:
  • Components: Plugins / Widgets (i.e. M3, DSTI, DMP-7000, DMP-8000)
  • Control System: Display Studio; Show Control System (SCS)


​Plugin and Widget Association
M3​M3 File Manager & Dimming Control
DMP-7000​​Dimming Control

​Volume Control

​Venus​Venus Control Suite and Fusion Control
​Last PlayLast Play Widget​
​Ross Talk​RossTalk Widget & RossTalk Commands
​VP 6000/DI 6000Dimming & Face Enable Commands, Execute Triggers​
​VIP-4060Dimming Control Widget & ERTD Dimming​


  1. Close out of Display Studio and Content Studio
  2. Open the Control Panel
  3. Click on Program and Features if in icon view otherwise click Uninstall a program under Programs
  4. Wait for the program list to populate, then select Display Studio
  5. Near the top of the Programs & Features window, click on Change
  6. Run the wizard
  7. Select the Modify radio button
  8. Eventually you will be brought to the page where the plugins can selected and deselected (if deselected the plugin should have a red X)
  9. Selected the appropriate plugins depending on setup and finish the wizard - Note: Select "This feature, and all sub-features, will be installed on local hard drive". 

    DS plugins widgets.jpg

Alternative Approach

  • Update the Display Studio software; same menu should come up for adding and removing plugins.

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