Message/s do not play on the display or blank spot in presentation

Potential ​Symptoms

  • Venus 1500 specific Symptoms
    • One or more messages are not showing up on the display, or are being skipped but there are no blank layouts in Content Studio.
    • Sign is blanking intermittently.
  • Venus Control Suite (VCS) specific Symptoms:
    • Display is not showing newly added or edited content but old content still showing and both the DMP and VIP players are online.
    • Files not showing on sign are also not showing as running in the Dashboard.
    • Sign may be blank.
    • Some content in a playlist may be skipped.
    • Single frames of content with more than two overlapping layers (foreground and background) may appear on the display as a slideshow with the different overlapped elements playing one after the other.
    • Uploads of new content take longer than usual, or do not finish at all.
    • In VCS Media Library the content image may look overlapped.
    • Scheduled Content Report may show a piece of content with a size of "x" instead of the display size


  • Product Family: Software
  • Product:
  • Component:  Content Studio
  • Control System: Venus 1500 V4.xx, Venus Control Suite (VCS)


  • A message has lettering, text box borders (green dashes around element) or content outside the display boundary (gold message frame), or text element borders are overlapping each other.   

  • Capture8.PNG


  1. Edit Content Studio message files that have element box borders or content extending beyond the gold message frame, so everything fits within the display limitations, and is not overlapping.
  2. Save each edited piece of content.
  3. Publish edited content to sign.
    • Note: For VCS, the process of saving the edits in Content Studio will automatically update VCS but may take a short time to update on sign. *If the sign is still hung on the playlist with the old content, simply remove the playlist from the current schedule (save), then re-add it again (save).”

KB ID: DD2393901

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