Where is the .DSI file located in DSTI and how do I install it?


  • Where does one place the .DSI file when initially configuring DSTI or updating its configuration?


  • Product Family: Sport Software and Interfaces
  • Product: DSTI
  • Components: DSTI used with DakStats, Stat Crew/The Automated Scorebook, or any sports interface utilizing DSTI
  • Control System: DSTI; Daktronics Scoring and Timing Interface


  • The .DSI file (Daktronics Scoring-Timing Interface.dsi) should be placed in one of the following locations on the DSTI computer, dependent upon operating system architecture:
    • For 64 bit machines:  C:\Program Files (x86)\Daktronics\DSTI
    • For 32 bit machines:  C:\Program Files\Daktronics\DSTI

Note: For assistance determining if Windows is 32 or 64 bit, please see How do I tell what type of Windows Operating System my computer is running?, DD2532255

KB ID: DD2371790

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