System Health: Power Supply Failure

Potential Symptoms

  • Green LED on the power supply that is attached the module is off, however the module is working properly.
  • Power supply not outputting any voltage but the power supply is receiving proper voltage.


  • Product Family: Billboard, Video
  • Product: DB-4100, DVX, DVN
  • Component: Module , PL5x module w/ integrated power supply and redundant power supplies
  • Control System: Venus Control Suite, System Health

Possible Causes

  • Improperly connected power cables to the power supply or between the power supply and the module.
  • Power supply failure of the module-attached power supply.
    • The PL5x module is capable of power redundancy, allowing for continued operation even after a power supply failure. This event is created when the module detects the primary power supplies has failed, causing it to set an event. This allows maintenance to be performed proactively, avoiding a display outage.

Remote Troubleshooting Steps

  • This issue cannot be resolved remotely.

Onsite Troubleshooting Steps

  1. Identify and locate in the display the power supply experiencing the "Power Supply Failure" event.
    • Remove access panels on the rear of your display as necessary.  If you do not have access panels on the rear of your display, remove module(s) from the display face to observe status light activity on the rear of the module(s) following:  How do I remove modules, DD2073426.
  2. Verify that the power connectors both into and out of the primary power supply are seated properly.
  3. Replace components as necessary.
    • Most module/power supply combos are replaced as a single unit.
    • If extra power supplies are available, replace just the failed power supply.
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KB ID: DD2356279

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