How to Disable 10th Second on Shot Clocks


  • How do you disable 1/10 of a second mode for shot clocks?


  • All Sport 5010/5100 firmware version 4.0.2 has the option for 1/10 of a second shot clock mode. However, as of August 2011, only three (3) NBA-specific shot clocks are capable of displaying 1/10 of a second: BB-2150, BB-2151, and BB-2152.
  • If a customer accidentally sets their console to display 1/10 of a second and they do not have one of these shot clock models, the shot clock will operate differently. The shot clock would count down in seconds from 07, 06, 05 as normal then shift the seconds over to the x10 digit and start displaying tenths on the x1 digit (the All Sport switches to 1/10 at 5 seconds by default, but the value may be set to 0-9). Instruct the customer to follow the steps below to turn off the setting and return to normal operation. 


  1. On the All Sport console, press MENU.
  2. Press the down arrow key until MENU- MAIN EDIT SETTINGS? is displayed and then press ENTER/YES.
  3. Press the down arrow key until SHOT CLOCK–MODE TENTH SECOND? Y is displayed.
  4. Press CLEAR/NO.
  5. Press MENU again to exit.

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