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Washington Redskins Choose Daktronics to Provide Integrated LED Video System

BROOKINGS, S.D. – April 29, 2010 - Daktronics (Nasdaq-DAKT) and the Washington Redskins announced today that the company was chosen to design, manufacture and install large screen video displays and additional scoring, display and control components for FedExField, home of the Redskins.

The multimillion dollar upgrade project is adding super-wide video displays behind each end zone. The Redskins are also retrofitting monochrome incandescent matrix displays with full-color LED ribbon displays to showcase game information and out-of-town scores. Installation of the system is currently underway.

“The Washington Redskins have accepted the challenge issued to all NFL teams by Commissioner Roger Goodell – to make the game experience inside the stadium better than watching football at home. We chose Daktronics because the company is an established leader in the industry, and we have confidence they will deliver an unparalleled multimedia experience at FedExField,” said David P. Donovan, the Redskins Chief Operating Officer. “We look forward to our fans seeing every hard hit and thrilling touchdown replayed with incredible clarity.”

Daktronics will install 15 mm video technology for the main video displays, measuring approximately 100 feet wide and 28 feet high. The wide screen displays will replace the existing traditional (4:3 aspect ratio) video displays and also replace two static displays. Daktronics video technology provides incredible wide angle viewing for better visibility for more fans, increased contrast, and superb image clarity with the ability to display 4.4 trillion shades of color.

The digital ribbon displays will measure approximately five feet high, with two measuring approximately 31 feet long and another pair measuring 15 feet long. Daktronics ribbon displays show game information and real-time team and player statistics, animations and cropped video clips to raise the crowd’s interest and enthusiasm level. These displays can also be used in a variety of creative ways to recognize and activate sponsors.

Also included in the upgrade project are Daktronics timing system and game clocks, video image processing technologies and the new Show Control system. The company’s video processing system is touted by experts as the best in the industry, processing and scaling live and recorded video signal to vivid digital imagery on large displays. The Show Control system is the one of the latest developments from Daktronics, providing a power combination of control software, data integration, and playback hardware that forms a user-friendly production solution. For more on Show Control, visit www.daktronics.com/show.

“The upgrades to FedExField will provide Redskins fans with even more excitement and entertainment value each week,” said Jay Parker, National Manager of Daktronics Large Sports Venues division. “We look forward to a valued partnership with the Washington Redskins with a commitment to long-term service.”

About FedExField

FedExField is the home of the Washington Redskins football team and is the largest stadium in the National Football League in terms of seating with a capacity of 91,704.