Carrier Classic, Boy Scouts, ISOC Snocross Series

Daktronics LED Panels Deliver for New Rental Partner Sideline Productions

Sideline Productions provides high-resolution LED video displays for Carrier Classic, Boy Scouts, ISOC Snocross Series

BROOKINGS, S.D. – Mar. 13, 2013 – Rental partner, Sideline Productions, a Brookings, S.D., based large-screen video rental company, opened for business with the purchase of Daktronics (Nasdaq – DAKT) PST-10 modular LED display panels. The company has successfully put the new equipment to use for several events including the Carrier Classic in South Carolina, the Boy Scout Encampment at Camp Cowles and the ISOC Snocross Series of Champions.

“We are committed to providing exceptional customer service and delivering a reliable product with superior image quality for our client’s events,” said Nick Schmeichel, President of Sideline Productions. “I am familiar with Daktronics quality standards — in regards to product development, manufacturing processes and product testing – they set the bar.”

Sideline Productions is a video production company that provides large-screen video display solutions for events of all sizes. By adding the latest in modular LED technology to their inventory, Sideline Productions has the tools to meet their client’s ever-changing needs, in any environment.

Daktronics PST-10 panels feature a high-resolution, 10 millimeter pixel layout for close viewing and a durable, lightweight design to withstand the rental and staging environment. The product’s versatility allows them to be arranged in multiple shapes and sizes to meet the needs of any individual event to show live and recorded video, advertising and sponsor messages, and any form of animated content.

“Daktronics PST-10 LED panels are the ideal choice for our inventory. Our clients have been impressed with the product’s image quality, daytime viewing and quick setup time,” said Schmeichel.

This Daktronics product is ideal for outdoor events with its superior viewing angles, unique louver design to overcome harsh outdoor lighting conditions, and thin, lightweight panel design for easy setup and teardown.

“It’s a pleasure to provide our modular product to a new rental partner and to know they have confidence that our product will serve their needs,” said Bo Ivers, Daktronics Mobile and Modular Sales Representative. “It’s always exciting to be able to help a new company get started and moving in the right direction. We hope to be able to provide Sideline Productions with any of their display needs in the future.”

About Sideline Media

Sideline Productions is a homegrown, large-screen video production company specializing in affordable live event production with outdoor and indoor customizable LED video displays. Although the Brookings, S.D., based production company’s doors have only been open a short time, the company has been a part of some big events including the Carrier Classic and the ISOC National Snocross Series of Champions. Sideline has built a satisfied client base by providing an excellent product backed by quality customer service for concerts and festivals, sporting events, and corporate gatherings. For more information about Sideline Productions, visit their website at