Why does the penalty clock or shot clock appear to lag behind game clock


  • Why does penalty time or shot time appear to be delayed relative to main game clock?


  • All Sport Console
  • 10th of a second enabled


  • When an All Sport is set to use 10ths of a second the penalty clock will appear to lag behind the game time because the game clock will not show the 10ths of a second till it gets down to less them a minute.
  • The game clock decrements the game time after the first 10th of a second has elapsed the penalty clock does not use 10th of a second so it will not count down until after the first second has elapsed.
    • Example: Say the game time and penalty are both set at 2:00 when the first 10th of a second goes by the clock will be at 1:59.9 it will display 1:59 the penalty clock will show 2:00. At game time of 1:59.0 the penalty will show 1:59. At clock time 1:58.9 the clock will display 1:58 the penalty clock will be at 1:59.

KB ID: DD2134900

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