Will a TriCaster 40 work with a SportStar Live display?


  • Will a TriCaster 40 interface with an SSL display using a VLink 1500?


  • SSL
  • VLink 1500
  • TriCaster 40; TC-40; TC40


  • No, the TriCaster 40 will not work as a plug and play device with the VLink 1500.
    • The TriCaster 40 is designed to output only analog composite or component signals from the front BNC jacks.  Therefore the TC-40 does not output from a "Program" output like the Studio and Pro models.
    • The TC-40 will not work independently with the VLink 1500.
    • The VLink 1500 will only accept a digital DVI-D feed with a 640x480, 60hz, static 60FPS maximum resolution.

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