Why do my V-Links always reset to Overlay mode?


  • My VIP-4500/4400/4000 (V-Link)​ often times will reset to Overlay mode
  • Seems to occur after a full system start up, restart of the VIP, or restart of the DMP-7000 machine or the sign service


  • A Daktronics control system utilizing a VIP-4500/4400/4000


  • Overlay mode is the default mode of the above listed VIP models.
  • Often times during a system restart or boot up the VIPs will return to their default mode
  • This act of returning to the default mode (none of the other settings in the VIP should be affected) is an intended action of the components


  • Each site should have some form of a Start Up or Initialize (may have some other name) script button in either the DMP-7000 or Show Control environments that should be ran after a system reboot to make sure the VIP has returned to correct operational status

KB ID: DD2781604

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