Why does my Scrolling Text presentation appear blurry on display and software, Venus 1500 v4?


  • Why does my Scrolling Text Message appear blurry on display and software, v4?


  • Venus 1500 v4
  • Content Studio


  • Scrolling Text messages will appear blurry and illegible on the software and display if the font of the text is too small.
  • The resolution is to change the size of the font to a larger font size.


  1. Log in to Venus 1500 v4.
  2. Select the Content Tab.
  3. Double Click the Scrolling Text presentation that needs editing.
    (This will open the presentation in Content Studio so the End User can edit the message.)
  4. Once in Content Studio, Double Click the Scrolling Text.
    (This will open up the Scrolling Text Import window.)
  5. Highlight the entire message.
  6. Select the Font Size drop down.
  7. Select a size that will make the Scrolling Text not appear blurry.
  8. Once a suitable size has been selected, Select the Next Button twice and then the Import Button.
  9. The message has now been changed.  Select the Orange V in the top left corner and Select Save in order to save the changes.

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