When trying to open message get error the file could not be opened from the server or Alert Could not find file 'C:\ProgramFiles... or C:\programData"


  • When trying to open message, get error:
    • When trying to open old messages in content studio, you get error: The file could not be opened from server.
  • When trying to Publish presentations to the display, receive alert:
    • Windows XP: Could not find file 'C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Daktronics\Nucleus Server\Disk Data\
    • Windows Vista, 7 or 8:  Could not find file 'C:\ProgramData\Daktronics\Nucleus Server\Disk Data\


  • Venus 1500 v4


  • Incorrectly backed up or corrupted database.


Option 1: If there is still access and boot the old computer, you can copy the database from old PC and reload it to the new PC by using the Nucleus Database Utility. For Venus 1500 v4 follow How do I transfer my Venus 1500 v4 Database? DD2451499

  • Option 2: If you cannot boot the old computer but can still navigate the Hard Drive, you can see if there is an automatic backup file of the old computer database.
    1. On the old computer, go to the following location to locate the backup database:
      • Windows 32 Bit System: C:\Program Files\Daktronics\Nucleus Server\Backup
      • Windows 64 Bit System: C:\Program Files (x86)\Daktronics\Nucleus Server\Backup
    2. Copy the Backup.nukback file to the New Computer Desktop.
    3. Follow one of the two articles in Option 1, on how to copy and transfer a database.
  • Option 3: If this is not a transferred or backed up database, a new database will need to be created using the Nucleus Database Utility.
  • KB ID: DD2048524

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