Temperature is off on the display, incorrect sensor mounting

Possible Symptoms

  • Temperature anywhere from 3-30 degrees off.
  • Temperature fluctuating throughout the day; will read more accurate during evening, night, and early morning times.
  • Temp will read high especially when its exposed to direct sunlight.
  • Temp may be correct after an offset is set, but will again be off later.


  • Product Family: Message Displays
  • Product: Galaxy AF-3400, AF-3500, AF-3700 series, GPR, GP3, GP4, GS6
  • Conponent: Temperature Sensor
  • Control System:


  • Temp sensor is mounted in direct sunlight or between cabinets.


Relocate sensor for proper mounting.

  • Mounting Recommendations:
    • An ideal location is under a north eave or on a northern exposure away from direct sunlight (i.e. for Northern Hemisphere).
    • Mount the sensor above grass or vegetation rather than concrete or other paving.
    • Mount at least 20 feet away from chimneys, vents, air conditioners, or other items that would influence correct temperature readings.
    • Do not mount between displays or in any location that restricts air movement.
    • Mount the sensor so that the cable can be protected from weather and vandalism.
    • Other things to consider: reflection off of tinted windows may cause temp to read high; sensors mounted flush against the side of building may read higher due temp of brick and restricted air flow.
  • If the standard 25 ft. Quick Connect (QC) cable is restricting the remounting of the temp sensor:
    • An alternate option is to hardwire the temp sensor to the display controller/driver.
    • Call Daktronics helpdesk for information needed to perform this alternate mounting.
  • For detailed information on proper photocell mounting, please refer to the following documents:

For Temporary Operation

  • Use a temperature off set in the DM-100 Menu for Time & Temp displays or the Venus 1500 software for Message Center displays.

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