Static Content Placed on a RTD Background in Content Studio is Not Visible When Played in the DMP-7000


  • Static content elements such as imported graphics and text boxes placed on top of a Media RTD (Bitmap RTD) Background in Content Studio are not visible when played from the DMP-7000
  • Display Studio monitor wall and V7 Monitor Program as well as LED Matrix Display show the same behavior as the above
  • Content Studio Preview shows the presentation as desired with static elements layered on top of Media RTD used as a background


  • Content Studio
  • DMP-7000
  • Full screen media RTD


  • Media RTD (Bitmap RTD) becomes top most layer of the presentation when it is saved as a DMP-7000 sequence


  • There is currently no resolution

Work Around

  1. Use File RTD for any static images and text to be shown on top of RTD content.  For assistance with setting up File RTD please see How to do File RTD on the Venus 7000, DD2465739


KB ID: DD1995899

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