Setting up a ROSS switcher for Venus 7000 communication


 How do I setup a ROSS switcher for Venus 7000 communication?


  • Ross Switcher
  • Venus 7000​

Switcher Setup

1. Press HOME > Setup > Installation > Com Setup >Type.

​​• Use the Com Port knob to select the REMOTE port that you connected the Venus 7000 to.


• Use the Device knob to select VTR (CLIP).

2. Press Select Device.

• Use the Device knob to select VDCP.

• Use the VTR Preroll knob to select 0.

3. Press Com Type.

• Use the Type knob to select Network TCP

4Press Com Settings.

5. Use the Client/Server knob to select Client.

• In the Remote IP Address field, enter the IP address of the Venus 7000.

• In the Remote Port field, enter 10000. Use this value unless told otherwise by the Daktronics Venus 7000 documentation. (You may have used a different port when setting up the Venus 7000. Use the port in Venus 7000)

6. Press Extra Options.

Option​​ ​Value
​Target Machine ​Dak Venus
MediaIDLength​ ​Long IDs
​Timeout (fields) ​20
​Send Tries ​5
​Cmd Queuing ​Strict
Record Time​ ​60
​Playback Mode ​PB
​Port Cmds ​Yes
LoopRescueTime​ ​13 (default)
Clip List​ ​Floating List (default)
​LoopMinLength ​7 (default)
​Play with Alpha No (default)​
Cue & Pause​ ​No (default)
​Eject Clip ​No (default)


7.  Select Home -> Confirm

To Set Up Video Inputs


1. Press HOME > Setup > Installation > BNC > BNC Type.

• Use the BNC knob to select the input BNC that the video output of the Venus 7000 is connected to.

• Use the Type knob to select VTR.

• Use the Video Format knob to select the video format of the video output of the Venus 7000.

2. Press More > VTR/VDCP Xpts.

• Use the Controller knob to select the port on the switcher that you assigned the Venus 7000 to.

3. Press VDCP Setup.

• Use the Channel knob to select 1.

• Use the SubAddress knob to select 1.

4. Press HOME > Confirm.

Device Setup

• Set the port number on the Venus 7000 preferences menu to the same as it is on the switcher.


​Daktronics Venus 7000​​ or higher
​Synergy 1 SD​--
​Synergy Series SD​--
​Synergy MD/X​--
​Vision MD/X​11.1b
​Vision QMD/X​11.1b
​Vision MultiPanel Support​--
Port Expanders
​Comtrol DeviceMaster​x



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