Indoor audio has muffled sound.


  • Muffled audio coming from the indoor sound system.
  • No high frequency sound, and it is hard to legibly define the audio coming from the speakers.


  • SSN-100 Indoor Audio
  • SSN-150 Indoor Audio


  • Disconnected high frequency assembly in the cabinet.


  • Reconnect the harness internal to the cabinet.
  • ​The following documents outline the harness connections, as well as how to access them.  Additionally it provides a way to test for this prior to opening the speaker cabinet.

    (Image captured using a mobile app for FFT Audio Tools).

    FFT Analyzer of CBT 70J1 Speaker.JPG 

    2-6-2017 7-48-37 AM.jpg 

    2-6-2017 7-49-51 AM.jpg 

    2-6-2017 7-51-10 AM.jpg 

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