Chrome "Oh Snap" Error when trying to connect to DVS


  • When trying to connect to a DVS server, the Chrome browser crashes with an "Oh Snap" error.


  • DVS


  • Unsupported add-ons may be running within the Google Chrome browser that may be causing a conflict and crash.


  • Open the Browser setting menu (the three vertical dots in the upper right corner)
  • Navigate to Moretools > Extensions
  • Disable all suspect add-ons by unchecking the "Enabled" box to the right of the add-on listing.

Work Around

  1. If the trouble add-on is identified, try updating the add-on to see if it resolves the issue
  2. If the add-on is needed for other applications, simply re-enable the add-on when concluding your DVS session.

KB ID: DD3479825

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