How to Create and Edit a File RTD Graphic


  • What is the best practice to create a File RTD graphic?
  • What is the best practice to edit a File RTD graphic?


  • File RTD Notepad file
  • Content Studio
  • Display Studio
  • DMP8000


  1. Open the desired text file that you want to edit in a text editor such as Notepad. (Ex. FileRTD.txt) This will be saved in the Content folder of the DMP8000 unless otherwise noted. 

    NOTE:  This .txt file will be created by a Daktronics Technician.   If no text file currently exists for the data you want, contact a Daktronics Technician as more steps are required using Daktronics Communication Server to set up File RTD.

  2. Edit the data you want to display in the text file.  This will be the data that is displayed on your graphic.

    NOTE: Each line that you edit in notepad corresponds to a different RTD Field line.
    FileRTD with arrows.jpg

  3. Click Save.
  4. Open Content Studio and create a new presentation.
  5. Choose your Sport Profile from the Category dropdown from the Dynamic Data Library on the left hand side of Content Studio.
  6. Navigate to the File RTD dropdown menu in the Dynamic Data Library.  Click and drag the fields you wish to use into your presentation.

    File RTD in Content Studio.PNG
  7. Format the elements in your presentation with the desired font, size, color, justification, etc

    Content Studio RTD.PNG
  8. Complete and save your new presentation.
  9. Every time you wish to update the graphic, simply open the text file, edit the new text, and click save as described in steps 1-3. This will automatically update the graphic.

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