How to remove previous year stats for a player from a Dakstats Websync NAIA website


  • How do I get stats get removed for a particular player from a previous year on Dakstats Web-Sync website?


  • NAIA (National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics)
  • Might be needed if a player didn't end up playing in games and looking to be eligible to play for another year.
  • Incorrect stats from a previous year
  • DakStats Web-Sync


  1. Daktronics does not have the authority to make any changes from a previous year without approval since these stats are official and used by the NAIA.
  2. Daktronics also does not work with individual players but needs to work with the school(s) in question (i.e. coach, athletic director, or sports information director/coordinator).
  3. A change needs to be requested and approved by the NAIA (
  4. Once NAIA gives the approval (THIS IS A MUST), a Custom Web-Sync Data Correction from DakStats Extras section will need to be purchased from Daktronics.
  5. Daktronics will also need to have a record of the NAIA approval for the changes to be made (forwarded email suffices).
  6. Forward an attached copy of the NAIA approval to
  7. In the body of the email, be specific as to what exactly is needing to be changed/removed (e.g. removal of particular games a player was in or changes of specific stats - What school/team? What season/year?, Which player? What game(s), Which stats?, etc...). This should also be reflected in the approval from NAIA.
  8. Once Daktronics has received the request, it will be processed. This requires a manual edit of the Web-Sync database and may take some time to process depending on time of year and number of requests pending (typically 1-2 weeks, but may take longer).

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