V7ss.exe has generated errors and will be closed by Windows


  • Venus 7000 sign service crashes
  • Program Error
  • 8-24-2016 9-08-10 AM.png


  • Venus


  • Corrupted file
  • Corrupted Database


  1. Confirm its not a particular file by scanning the default sequences of each sign in the sign folder
  2. Erase old entries of files that no longer exist and uncheck any displays that have Real Time Logging enabled that should not be
  3. Run V7ChkRiff.exe from the V7000 folder and flag potential problem files
  4. Replace the RTL databases in the V7000 folder by using blank ones located at http://dakfiles.daktronics.com/downloads/venus7000/V7RTL/Blank Databases/ (yes this will erase previous data)
  5. Restart sign service and confirm that files play out and that V7ss.exe no longer crashes

KB ID: DD3444325

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