Content created in web compositor is not showing on the sign, Media deleted from library


  • Old content is still playing on GS6 or display may be blank.
  • Content created in web compositor is not showing on the sign.
  • Newly published playlists not showing up on display.
  • Presentation is showing in the media library in Venus Control Suite.
  • Content is showing in the playlist and other content is playing on the sign from that playlist.
  • Un-scheduling all playlists and creating a new test message and playlist will play on the display, some previously created content will as well.
  • Error "The linked media item was deleted or is no longer available" showing under Properties when selecting the image element.
  • Message with error in web compositor still will not play after updating the DMP to current f/w (
  • Shows error "/Fusion/pub" under the image element in Venus Control Suite.


  • Venus Control Suite Local
  • Venus Control Suite Hosted


  • Image being used for that specific presentation has been deleted from Venus Control Suite Media Library.


  •  Update was made with Venus Control Suite (Hosted/Demo Only) v1.0.97.0 which will not allow users to delete media used in a playlist; this does not include files prior to update that may have been deleted. If content was deleted prior to update will want to follow work around listed below.
    • Note: Venus Control Suite Local will want to continue with using work around below.

Work Around

Add the image back into the media library, then edit the message using the image.

  1. Upload image to Venus Control Suite following How to create a presentation using the Venus Control Suite Web Compositor, DD3313983.
  2. Go to Media and select content using image.
  3. Choose edit.
  4. Under Elements select the one with the Fusion error.
  5. Select (+) under source and select image wanted.
  6. Click on save.
  7. Content should now be playing on sign.

KB ID: DD3421946

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