How to update firmware for an Analog Way device?


  • How to update firmware for an Analog Way device?


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Firmware version and update

How do I check the firmware version on my unit?

To check the firmware version on your Analog Way device, scroll in the menu to the “Control” section, then select “Version.” The firmware version is listed on the first line, for example: “Version: 4.00”. If your device is a console, select “Device Setup”, then select “Update”. The firmware version is displayed at the bottom, for example: “Current Version : v3.20 Build 45”

How do I know if the firmware version on my unit is up to date?

You can check for the latest firmware version available for your device by going to Analog Way's website, to the Technical Support section, and selecting your product.

My controller or control software gives me a warning message that the firmware versions are not up to date? What should I do?

If you see a message indicating that your firmware versions are not up to date, it means that the controller, control software, or device firmware versions do not match each other. You may still be able to operate and control the system, but there may be features that do not work or are missing. Check the versions on your system and update everything to the latest version.

How do I update my device?

To update most Analog Way devices, start by downloading and installing the latest updater for your product from Analog Way's website. This one file will contain everything you need to update your device to the latest firmware. Follow the instructions in the readme file. If you’re updating an Orchestra or Axion2 unit, you’ll need a USB thumbdrive. Unzip the downloaded firmware onto the root of your thumbdrive, and plug it into your console. When you go to the Update section of the Device Setup menu, select the new version and press update.

EDID Updater

This EDID updater has to be used with the technical support agreement.
It can be used only for the following units: Eikos, Eikos LE, OPS300, OPS200, Pulse, Pulse LE, Smart Vu, Smart Vu LE, Smart Quad, Smart Edge, Smart Edge FX, Smart MatriX, Smart MatriX LE.

To download the EDID updater, please click here

KB ID: DD3404437

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