Scorebook Generator Images Not Updating or Generating Due to a Folder Permissions Issue


  • Scorebook Generator images stop updating/generating mid-game or after a couple of innings.


  • Scorebook generator
  • 1 or more multiple output ports being used
  • Files being written over network


  • Folder security/sharing permissions preventing files from being written.


  1. Open/press the Edit Configuration button for each port/output in scorebook generator to check where files are being written to.
  2. Go to the respective folder found in step 1 on the computer it is located on.
  3. Right-click on the folder, select properties and then check both the Sharing and the Security tabs.
    step 2.png
  4. Ensure the folder is being shared and the user "Everyone" has full permissions.
  5. Verify the user "Everyone" has been added on the security tab and full control is given to all users.
    step 4.png 

Work Around

  • Close and reopen Scorebook Generator.

KB ID: DD3392947

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