Venus 1500 V4 database backup file is corrupt or the file extension is incorrect, rename temp file


  • Unable to save a copy of the database with the Nucleus Database Utility.
  • When attempting to save a copy of the database, get error " Database 'msdb' cannot be opened. It has been marked SUSPECT by recovery. See the SQL Server error log for more information."
  • The file extension may be wrong " nucleus database.bak ", or it may just save with no content in the file (1MB file size).
  • Unable to load the renamed file (".bak" to ".nucbak") without a corruption error.
  • There is a temp file in the "backup" folder " backup.nucbak.temp "
840833_6-14-2016 9-23-08 AM.png


  • Venus 1500 V4.20+


  • Unknown database corruption.


  1. Rename the TEMP file by removing the ".temp" from the file extension "backup.nucbak.temp".
  2. Save the renamed backup file to the desktop of the new PC.
  3. Use the Database Utility to load the backup file "backup.nucbak".

Work Around

KB ID: DD3385608

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