How to Clean Transparent Shot Clocks


  • What is the recommended method and recommended cleaner to use for cleaning transparent shot clocks?


  • BB-2140
  • BB-2141
  • BB-2150
  • BB-2151


  1. Ensure any abrasive debris is removed from the shot clock surfaces prior to cleaning. Pay special attention to remove any metal shavings that may be left over from installation.
  2. Disconnect all signal and power to the control enclosure.
  3. Use mild soapy water* in a hand sprayer to mist the surface of the acrylic.
  4. Wipe down with a clean cotton towel, removing streaks as you go.
  5. Using the residual moisture in the towel, wipe down the sides of the shot clocks to remove any dust.
  6. Reconnect signal and power after the surfaces have completely dried.
  7. Test the clock for proper operation.

* A few drops of dish soap in a gallon of water is all that is needed. Do not use any cleaners that contain ammonia, as these may yellow the acrylic.

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