How to stop Microsoft update that scheduled a Windows 10 upgrade


  • How do I stop Microsoft scheduled Windows 10 upgrade?


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  • Windows 10


Please reference Windows 10 Notice – What Do Daktronics Customers Need To Know?, DD3101782 for official stance and reasons behind not upgrading at this time.

After the latest update to Microsoft Windows 10 upgrade program Windows will automatically schedule a time to upgrade to Windows 10. Clicking "OK", upgrade now, or clicking the top right "X" will indicate you agree to the time scheduled. Please follow below steps to not upgrade to Windows 10.

  • When prompted with your scheduled time the ONLY way to cancel the upgrade is to select the "here" just below the scheduled time.
    win 10 upgrade.jpg
  • If you accidentally click ok or click the upper right "X" there are two other pop up windows that appear that can cancel the Windows 10 Upgrade.
    1. This window will pop up after you have clicked upper right "X" or ok. At this point you need to select "here" to cancel.
      opt out.jpg
    2. Also 15 minutes before the update there will be another window that appears warning of the impending upgrade. Another option below the countdown allows for a cancellation of the upgrade.
      Win 10 warning2.jpg
  • After reaching the schedule time page please cancel your update time.
    1. Please select "Cancel Scheduled Upgrade".
    2. Then click "Cancel scheduled upgrade" button.

KB ID: DD3366560

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