Receiving "Illegal value" when inputting broadcast group and radio channel settings on a wireless All Sport console


  • Receiving "Illegal value" when inputting radio settings with broadcast "0" on All Sport console.
  • "Illegal value" appears when console is set to Broadcast Group (B)="0", Radio Channel (C)="#", where "#" is a valid number.
  • Console works with no issues when set to another Broadcast Group other than "0".


  • Wireless All Sport Console
    • All Sport 1500 Series
    • All Sport 3000 Series
    • All Sport 5000 Series
    • All Sport 5500 Series


  • All Sport console was set to an invalid broadcast group and radio channel combination.
  • Invalid All Sport radio setting values:
    • B0/C01, B0/C02, B0/C03, B0/C04.


  • Set the All Sport radio settings to an acceptable value.
    • Acceptable All Sport radio setting values
      • B0/C00 (Universal broadcast group and radio channel, any wireless scoreboard in range of console will connect).
      • B(1-4)/C00 (Universal channel setting on specific broadcast group, connects to any wireless scoreboard in range of console on specific broadcast group).
      • B(1-4)/C(01-04) (Connects to scoreboard using specific broadcast group and radio channels).

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