Windows 10 upgrade occurred causing incompatibility with Daktronics software


  • Windows 10 upgrade occurred and Daktronics GameDay, DSTI, DakStats, or Show Control may not work correctly.


  • Windows 7
  • Windows 10


  • Automatic Microsoft update
  • Some Daktronics software is not fully supported and qualified on Windows 10 environments


  1. If the machine had been updated within the last 30 days it may be possible to downgrade the machine back to the appropriate operating system.
  2. Open up the control panel and select Update & Security
    5-17-2016 2-30-40 PM.png
  3. Choose the Recovery tab
  4. Under Go Back to Windows 7 select Get Started
    5-17-2016 2-31-59 PM.png
  5. Select at least one of the options in the menu that pops up to enabled the Next button.
    5-17-2016 2-34-05 PM.png
  6. Select No Thanks
    5-17-2016 2-35-38 PM.png
  7. Select Next and Next, and Go Back to Windows 7
    5-17-2016 2-37-46 PM.png
    NOTE: If connected over Bomgar, you will not be reconnected when the computer comes back up with Win7.  You will need to reconnect once the pin says it is active.
  8. Once Windows 7 has been restored, open up the registry and navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Policies\Microsoft\Windows

    Note: Use caution when using Registry Editor.  Any mistakes may cause debilitating side effects and could cause Windows or other software to malfunction.  Making a backup of the registry prior to the following steps is recommended.  Please contact Daktronics Technical Support if help is preferred.
  9. Create a new key called GWX
  10. Right click and create a new DWORD called DisableGWX
  11. Give it a value of 1
  12. You can now export the registry key and download and run it on other machines or exit and reboot the current machine

KB ID: DD3361955

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