Closed captioning from case catalyst (BCS) will not allow output to three lines


  • BCS Case Catalyst installation


  • DCS
  • Case Catalyst
  • Venus 7000


  • When Case Catalyst is set to Venus Matrix mode it takes the line length information from the case catalyst program and the captioner controls the output which is defaultly set to two lines. Its unknown what setting the BCS needs to use to output 3 lines or more than 64 characters. 32 characters is the maximum length that case catalyst allows


  1. Have the captioner open up the profile in case catalyst
  2. Find the connections tab and locate the Encoder model option
  3. 5-4-2016 3-58-54 PM.png
  4. Select ASCII (The Daktronics Venus Matrix option allows the line control to be controlled via BCS)
  5. Open up Daktronics Communication Server software and apply the ClosedCaptioning.DDS file to the input line (Typically the TCP/IP port or serial port the captioner is connected to)
  6. 5-12-2016 3-28-08 PM.png
  7. Adjust the line length and maximum number of characters per line (32) in that script.
  8. Verify that the Venus 7000 input is setup for the UDP output port (example 25001)
  9. Verify that any other backup machines or DMP machines have the correct settings to take in that Closed Captioning feed.

KB ID: DD3359116

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