GS6 will show text but the background graphic is missing


  • Presentations created in web compositor that contain text with a background graphic show that they are playing fine in the Venus Control Suite dashboard but on the sign they will only show the text and the background while the graphic is missing.
  • Text is missing or cut off.
  • Uploads of new content take longer than usual, or do not finish at all.

5-11-2016 4-56-13 PM.jpg 


  • GS6
  • Venus Control Suite (VCS) Daktronics Hosted & Local Hosted
  • VCS - Web Compositor


  • When creating the presentation the textbox or image is outside of the boundaries of the layout and that causes the controller to cut off or leave that component out completely.

5-12-2016 8-50-11 AM.jpg 


  • Modify the layout to ensure the image border is within the boundaries of the sign.
    • It is also best to make sure the Text box borders are not overlapping either.

5-12-2016 8-50-35 AM.jpg ​*If your content was created in Content Studio, please see article: Venus 1500, Message does not play on the display or blank spot in presentation, DD2393901.

KB ID: DD3357845

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