NBA Swiss Timing / Tissot Integration


  • What is the current status of the new NBA clocks and the deal with Tissot/Swiss Timing?
  • What is Daktronics part in the NBA - Tissot/Swiss Timing changes?
  • What will our customers encounter with the NBA - Tissot/Swiss Timing changes?


  • Below is a customer facing response if asked about the changes coming to NBA facilities
  • Tissot NBA Interface
  • Tissot NBA Shot Clocks


  1. "At this time, Daktronics is working closely with the NBA and Tissot.  The Tissot/Swiss Timing solution would replace the Daktronics All Sport console, backboard mounted clocks, stanchion horns and backboard mounted LED light strips.  There is also the possibility that they would replace the LED light strips on the sideline tables or somehow otherwise mount new LED strips on these tables.

    Our anticipated solution for integrating the new NBA timing system includes a conversion device that would essentially translate the data coming from the Swiss Timing system and output in the same manner the All Sport does.  This means that our customers would not be required to adjust any current content and that all fixed digit and locker room clocks will continue to function.

    Additionally, those sites that host other sports will be able to easily transition from the new NBA system to and from their existing Daktronics scoring and timing."

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